screwing up the blind dog

Posted: May 11, 2011 at 12:32 pm

so on the weekend our ever helpful weekend warriors decided to toss the ripped playpen in my room and replace it with the new/old, clean and donated playpen. it was a rational and reasonable move. except….
griffin liked that ripped playpen..the hole was his private doorway to his very own little griffin land. no one else was allowed to go in there (or even walk past it)..griffin had found a new peice of real estate that he fiercely protected from trespassers.

and suddenly not only was his new little world gone…but the replacement had no secret griffin doorway for him to squeeze thru. way to go to mess up the blind dog, just try to make something nicer and someone is going to be mad at you.

needless to say, griffin has been upset. having to have me lift him in and out had destroyed his sense of ownership and independence.
a pissed off and unhappy griffin is no fun for any of us to live with. so today renee cut a hole in the computer room playpen in exactly the same place and switched that playpen into there. apparently griffin was in it in an instant..his world was right again.

the next person who goofs with his real estate will be taking griffin home with them cuz i don’t want to live with him when he is upset.

and… pixie quite likes her new computer room playpen..probably because shane has not had a chance to piss on it yet.

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  • lynne says

    aw crap sorry , was this 2 of the golden girls. sorry griffin i guess we were thinking more of feedings times than our sweet little griffin. your lucky carol ann and erin that you were there on sat and not sunday. lol next time we will check with the big boss.

  • lynne says

    brenda? BRENDA? BRENDA? when we could not get it apart we should have taken it as a sign that we were not doing the right thing. sorry again to turn a little blind dogs world upside down

  • Brenda says

    I’m so sorry – I’m the other counterpart to the playpen fiasco. I wish we’d left it alone now – it took Lynne and I 1/2 an hour to dismantle the old one, and get the new one up, cursing as we did – and then I tossed the old one into the dumpster because it stunk! Oh well, so much for good intentions. I’m glad Griffin has his real estate back, and Pixie has a new playpen. Sorry Carol, we absolutley will check 1st next time we have some grand idea.

  • Carol says

    lol…your idea was fine with me..but maybe next time ask griffin. harm done…the original plan was to put the new one in the computer room and chuck the old one from the computer room…so instead… griffin’s got chucked, the old one got a hole cut in it for griffin and the new one ended up with pixie just like it was supposed to. it all worked out fine in the end.
    (but it does make a good story about humans dicking around with an old tiny blind dog!)

    you gotta love caregiving women…guilt is so easy to spread thick and apply! shit…even a little blind dog can do it (with a little help from his accomplice and friend!)

  • Hi Carol:
    Maria from VOKRA here,, I cant find an email for you..

    I just found two old stray cats. Both were living out in the rain and cold.
    Blackie is a sh blk female about 14 years, skinny, bad teeth and hyperthyroid. She is now on thyroid meds. very sweet//
    and ethel is a sh br tabby female,very sweet, skin and bones, infected eyes and very very old..We have her on iv fluids and are awaiting blood results..she will need ? maybe hospice?
    I know you are usually full but i am asking if there is a possibility of getting these gals on your waiting list?

  • erin says

    COMPLETELY off topic…how much do you pay for hog fuel? how many times per year? i happen to have a bf involved in the transport of same such material….

  • Carol says

    8 units was 260 bucks total delivered

  • erin says

    next time you want some, talk to me…i got connections! (now we need a slightly dishonest doctor to write prescrips to me…)

  • Carol says

    hi maria..i have referred this on to the board..send me a quick email ( your contact info for me to pass on so they can get in touch with you.

  • Thankyou carol,,,
    yikes and i also just found out one of our older cats in foster virginia,,has an abdomen full of fluid,,

  • Carol says

    mother theresa…one of our forgotten felines..feline leukemia cat..came in with an abdomen filled with fluid..we thought it was a death sentence..but over the past couple of years the fluid has just slowly gone away. weird.

  • awe, the cat with belly full of fluid, our dear virginias blood results came back, liver failure,,she deteriorated last night and went to the rainbow bridge

  • Carol says

    so sorry for your loss maria.

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