Posted: August 6, 2011 at 7:20 am

i have said it a million times over the years…..loving an animal (or animals)…(or anyone for that matter!) means diddly squat if said love is just an airy fairy human feeling. love has to include appropriate demonstrated, measurable, physical acts of caring….proper feeding, consistently clean and comfortable living environments, meeting their emotional as well as physical needs, including physical exercise and mental stimulation along with good medical care.

if love was only about saying the words or feeling the welling up of warm emotions..then the victims of that kind of totally useless love will be hungry, dirty, sick, unhappy and will each day that they live feel like shit while surrounded by fake human love.

love is hard work. love is expensive. love is committment. love is following thru even if you are tired, hurting, or broke. love is putting the needs of someone else always right in the forefront.

these animals at saints were mostly once loved by someone else…even if it was a lifetime ago and only for a few days or weeks when they were babies and cute. but they all have one thing in common..all of them are now here…so where did love fail them? why did love leave them suffering, neglected, unhappy, sick, old and alone?

ask me again where is the moral and practical sense in investing so much effort, so much money, so much heartbreak in these ones at the end of their road with little hope of ever finding a good home of their own?

and i will tell you again and again that they have spent their youth, their health, their kind and gentle hearts year after many long years, investing in believing in us and we just kept letting them down. we showed them that love is a lie and they are wasted fools to believe in us because love is not true.

i say… all of the time, all of the effort, all of the incredible monetary costs now…. are simply moral restitution, repayments…dare i say some kind of justice…. for the lives we made, negleected, used, abused, and then callously tossed. we got what we wanted…but what did they get back?

i say that saints is at least an infantile attempt to try to right some of their lifelong wrongs…maybe we can’t right them all but maybe we can right some.

that’s why.

and if someone has a better and cheaper idea on paying mankind’s life long debt to them, then please let me know…these animals gave us their lives…for what? an unhappy life and then a callous and thoughtless death?
how fair is that?

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  • Shelley says

    Sometimes the human species seems like a largely failure experiment. We have big brains that have allowed us to develop skills and technology to control the rest of the planet and her inhabitants, but we lack the full consciousness required to do it responsibly. Our intelligence is way ahead of our humanity, with devastating consequences. We are able to create these creatures for our own use and pleasure, instilling in them the attributes of loyalty and the ability to love, and then we abandon them when they no longer suit our purposes, leaving them heartbroken. We are a terribly selfish species. Humanity’s treatment of animals will go down as one of the largest atrocities it has ever perpetrated, when and if we get to a point in history where we can look back and shake our heads in disbelief. Which is why I understand why some people compare the state of animal welfare in the world to human slavery… when we look back at it now, we cringe. I hope one day we get to a point where we look back on how we treated our fellow species, and we cringe. And that it is incomprehensible to every single human being.

  • Carol Ann says

    Carol I just wanted to say that little Merry was more like the old happy Merry I used to see. She ate and was demanding more and she hasn’t done that for a couple of weeks now.. She seemed to be feeling a lot better. Nice to see that.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Sadly, as is ever present in the news of today, we do not treat human beings any better. Mankind is one cruel beast. I am shocked at how we treat our world and those other creatures we share the world with. My contributions to other societies and my few hours of volunteer work a month as a weekend warrior are my attempt to make a tiny portion of the world right if even for a few hours. Kindness, companionship, LOVE and caring are temporary at best. It cleanses my soul to spend time with the residents of SAINTS, the other volunteers and of course the amazing founder. I look forward to my volunteer duties because I always leave the site with my heart bursting with good feelings.

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