so…work said i could leave early cuz i felt like crap

Posted: August 10, 2011 at 2:43 pm

and i toddled thru my clients and my charting and got off at 130…on the way home i planned out first changing my bed and then spending the afternoon, laying on it and finishing my book….that sounded like a perfectly nice, sick afternoon.

except…mystic ate my book.

the staff had big bambi and noelle seperated cuz they got into an argument on the run and didn’t get to finish it. so every time they saw each other again, they both wanted to rumble. by the time i got home, i just let them both back into the computer room. they may try pulling big bitch in this house when i am not here but once i walk back in the door, they both know that the real big bitch is now home and then they act like everything is just fine and dandy cuz carol is home.

but noelle is becoming a problem…she is jumping the other dogs far too much. the problem is she is quite happy and totally full of herself and noelle just happens to be one of those dogs who likes kicking ass. the staff said she is literally staring at the other dogs just waiting for an excuse…like they are having too much fun…oh noelle…what am i going to do with you????

anyway…for now…no more field runs for noelle…apparently keeping her on leash hasn’t helped all that much. we started her on elavil a week or so ago…but it will take at least three weeks to get the full effect if any. in the meantime she will have to go out alone for one on one street walks with the staff. noelle has officially become a pain in the ass.

sigh…exactly how many pain in the butts do i have to love??

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