no sign of frodo yet….

Posted: August 25, 2011 at 6:54 am

i kept checking on and off last night…i left the trailer door open for him in case he came back inbetween my checking for him. i was out again first thing this morning…the trailer is empty…no sign of him.

there are only three options here…he is lost, he is injured or he is dead.

and i knew all along that ultimately both he and i would probably hit this horrible day when he wasn’t here and i couldn’t find him.

oh my fucking god i am so afraid.

i will make up some posters at work today and call all the vets.

8 Comments on "no sign of frodo yet…."

  • Ann C says

    That’s so stressful for you, fingers crossed he turns up today, thinking of you both.

  • suzanne says

    do you know anyone/agency who has a tracking dog who could help you find him… especially if he is injured somewhere?

  • Louise says

    I think it is Al from Petsearchers Canada I think he was the one who found a missing do for Turtle Gardens. Please come home Frodo!!

  • Naomi says

    or maybe he wandered for a bit, then someone found him and liked him and kept him, not realizing he already has a home??? Posters oughta get him back if thats the case…

  • Bunny Horne says

    Frodo come home – you can hang out in Brent’s Mustang all you want. We love you Frodo.

  • Shelley says

    oh no.

  • Carly says

    I’ll keep an eye out for him in my area of Mission.I’m only a 5 min drive from saints.I remember seeing him once and I haven’t forgotten what he looks like.

  • Carol Ann says

    My Whiskey cat does that to me once in a while it is so stressful. Praying he comes home soon. We love you Frodo.

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