please note upcoming bake sale info!

Posted: November 9, 2011 at 7:26 pm

since i am once again freaking out over money…..i figured i better let you all know that laura has set the first friday in december as the annual SAINTS/Nova Scotia Bank Bake Sale…soooo…put your aprons on and bake out your little hearts cuz the more we bake, the more we make, and the more dollars the bank will match! the freezer in the mp building is currently empty so you can bring your baked goods here and laura can pick them up. and thank you so much in advance for helping us!

i am pretty much considering killing pugsley..or at the very least wrecking the surgical repair we did. if that dog doesn’t get out and burn off some energy, i just might do him in. giant puppies are not meant to be contained from physically exploding all over the is part of their very important puppyhood nature to throw themselves around like flubber and bounce themselves off others until exhaustion naturally brings them down.

anyway..i will probably finish off this week with him and then i am letting him loose on the farm…it has been pretty close to 4 weeks since his surgery now and i don’t see any vast improvement in the actual use of his front leg except i do think he is no longer in pain from the way he moronically bombs around.

ed had an on leash walk with the house dogs out in the fields today. apparently he did really well…he didn’t give a ratz ass about the other dogs, just wanted to pee on everything. we will try it again tomorrow with maybe a bit of off leash time to see how he does…the staff are young enough to chase him down if he doesn’t want to come back up when we are done. the goal is to get him fully off leash and blended in by the weekend so he can start to have some fun.

i actually really like ed…he really is a very nice dog….despite being a chow.

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  • nicolemc says

    please don’t break my puppy! have you asked dave about it?

  • pollyb says

    Flubber ”lol

  • Carol says

    hey! that freaking puppy breaks himself…bombing around the house and front yard…sliding across the floors into cupboards and walls…jumping big or little dogs depending on who is within reach…chasing cats…and knocking old ladies (sorry lynne but it sounds much more effective if i stick in “old”)…literally right off their freaking feet!!!! he is a 120 pound maniac and he needs some space to thunder around before my freaking house falls down or he breaks one of our much needed volunteers!!!!

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