snickers was euthanized today.

Posted: November 14, 2011 at 7:58 pm

i called the clinic this morning and colleen was able to meet me here on my lunch break so nicki could pass from home. there was no stress or fear for him, he died with the other cats around him, sebastion parked himself right over nickers on the cat tree and purred loudly as he was passing and renee and ryan were with us too.

snickers came in a few years ago, he had moved with his senior lady into a seniors care home. but the place was too busy for mr. persnickety and he suddenly and unpredictably started severely biting and scratching his mom.
cats react in different ways to stress, and snickers had become aggressive. he was fine here, i don’t think he ever scratched or bit a human at saints but he was pretty cranky with the other cats occasionally.

i will miss his freaking enormously big feet…nicki was a peridactyl…and i will miss his barging past me to get into the bathroom first like it was some kind of race that he just had to win.

rest in peace mr. persnickety..sometimes you were a total pain but mostly you were just a sweet and busy (and bossy) cat.

we love you snicky!

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  • Tammy says

    Thanks Carol. You gave Snickers a chance when his family was turning their backs on him. SAINTS may not have been his ideal home, but it was a home where he was deeply cared for.
    And thanks for making his passing as unstressful for him as possible. He was a unique cat.

  • erin says

    aww, im going to miss him, but glad the cancer didnt get a chance to wear him out. carol how come your computers time didnt change? its like your posting from the future…it fucks me up!

  • Lisa K says

    Aw, I’m sorry to hear about Snickers. Good for Sebastian for staying with him at the time he passed, though.

  • Angelina says

    I am glad Snickers had a peaceful, non scary passing. It is so much nicer for them to go at home. Sorry for your loss Carol.

  • Helga says

    Right on, Angelina. When Al had to be euthanized this fall, Colleen came over. We sat on the couch with the rest of the crew around and it was very peaceful. Nobody showed any sign of stress or upset just a quiet passing. Knowing that Al was not distressed was worth a lot. Sorry about your Molly too.

  • Carol Ann says

    aww snickers was a cutie and so glad he didn’t have to go to the clinic. Rip little guy. Wonder who he is wacking with his big feet in heaven.

  • Ann C says

    Sweet dreams Snickers……I just loved your paws!

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