i am thinking…

Posted: January 17, 2012 at 8:06 am


(ok..not maybe…. for real…)

i don’t wanna go out there today. i wanna stay inside, warm and dry.
technically this is a vacation day so i should get to do whatever it is that i want to do..
i took these vacation days as snow emergency days so really i should be out there doing emergency snow shit..oh freaking yay.

cuz here is the thing about snow..it is pretty, it is cold and everyone knows this. but it is also freaking exhausting to move thru…just walking thru snow up to your knees while working makes everything way harder to do…if you add carrying stuff or pushing shit (like wheelbarrows)…it sucks even more.

well…so far krista has made it up the hill..one staff person in….three more to go (i hope!)

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  • cheryl and stef says

    we agree about the snow. Anyone that loves this stuff needs to come and work on a farm for a week and then tell me that you love it. IT SUCKS….takes double the time to get just my 12 horses done and the goats….Can’t imagine how much longer it must take you.

  • jan says

    LOL Trade ya! -30 just now and our high is to be -27 woohoo -37 tonight! and when you have critters you end up MOE time outside not LESS. sigh

  • carly says

    Now the weather people are forecasting a snow storm tonight and tommorow 🙁

  • Carol says

    and that is exactly why i don’t live in the freaking frozen north…are ya nutz?…move south!

  • Mo says

    Anymore snow up there toady ? I am downtown Vancouver & other than the roof tops I look at..you can’t even tell it snowed. Wondering how Janice is … and is there a normal amount of time one has to suffer before the stone passes.

    My Bro-in-law had problems with kidney stones several times..he is a tough ( firefighting guy ) and it was very painful (((hugs)))) to Janice

  • Maggie says

    A heads up everyone in the valley. The forecast is for -17 with the windchill overnight. We’re not built for this. The good news is the rain is supposed to start on Thursday with warmer temps.

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