quickies…i need to get to bed…early shift in the am….

Posted: January 22, 2012 at 8:01 pm

another difficult day at the rescue winter carnival….thx so much to zoe for getting the driveways plowed!

not much news today except…

rumple is not well. he vomitted several times late this afternoon and has been pretty lethargic since then.
the mongolian monster (chance) is rearing his little bug eyed dick head and snarling at the dogs when they try to walk by. and odie got into VERY BIG trouble when he jumped sweet esther because he thought my dinner was not to be shared with her…he is currently rethinking that…NO ONE is mean to esther!!!!

the shop water lines unthawed today so only the outside barn tap is still frozen…it will be good when that is working again!

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  • Mo says

    Hope Rumple is OK, he is a sweet guy who tends to keep to himself..but fully understands what the Memorial Garden is all about after barn duties.

    Here’s a Ha Ha for today.. I take the advice of the other volunteers and park at the school(beside Helga)..no sooner do I step out of my van ..and I end up on my ass..flat out..with my legs under Helga’s car & my upper body trapped by my open van door..it took me a couple moments to figure out how the hell do I get out of here.

    Needless to say I have a sore ass tonight

  • Caylee says

    Poor Rumple. He seemed fine this morning. I hope it is something that passes quickly.

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