i have remembered to vote everyday..

Posted: January 23, 2012 at 5:34 am

and last time i looked, we were still in first place….which is good cuz we only have enough money in the bank to last us a couple of weeks.

rumple perked up to his old self later last night which also is good cuz i was worried….whatever it was seems to have passed.
caroline is having a really hard time in this cold weather with her arthritis..we have kept her in the barn for the past couple of days..if she does not feel better in a day or so, i may have to talk to the vet about letting her go.

janice is back today so that is a big relief and with the water unfrozen and things warming up, i won’t be so worried about here.

not too sure how i feel about going back to work today except…it is pretty freaking early and i am not liking that much right now…at least the driveway is plowed so i can for sure get out.

waiting for spring…i don’t like going to work in the dark.

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