ahhh fergus..

Posted: February 29, 2012 at 6:18 pm

not good news..he is dumping albumin..best case scenario..severe GI ulcer/upset..worst case…GI cancer. he has lost 8 pounds in the past year AND he is 15 years old..i bet it is cancer.
anyway..just in case we are starting him on baytril/flagyl/high energy intestinal diet…i am to watch for fluid build up in his back legs, abdomen and chest and we will see which way this goes.

the funny thing is..i really love this dog (i am usually more drawn to the neurotic, psycho, broken headed pain in the butts)..but fergie is such a dear, sweet, little, good hearted dimwit…(shhh don’t tell anyone but i call him my little dim-son when no one is around.)

well….i will keep my fingers and toes crossed that ferg will be flipping out over balls for a few years to come.

i am so glad we took him in..he is a joy to have around. i know some folks in rescue might think we took him cuz there was an offer of money attached (he was posted around everywhere, looking for help.)
but i can honestly say we only took him because his deceased elderly lady loved him so well and i thought she would want him to be well cared for and safe…(if something happened to me..i would want that for my guys too.) fergus came with no money, not a cent… and we never once asked for reimbursment for any of his vet care from her estate. he came with himself only..oh.. and six months worth of phenobarb and both sets of eye drops and that was more than enough.

and i will tell you why i did it like this..because no animal (or human) should ever have to pay for kindness, care or help.


love you ferg…please get well.

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