percy is not ok

Posted: March 22, 2012 at 10:07 am

i thought he was..honestly i thought he was going to be ok. i thought the vet visit was just me being cautious and paranoid.

his bowel has heriated into the scrotum and it absolutely cannot stay that way. th vets shot him full of more pain meds and are coming back in a couple of hours to prep him for surgery…first they are going to try to position him flat on his back and try to push the bowel back in without cutting him open. the danger in this is there is two thousand pounds of upside down cow and the pressure on his heart and lungs can kill him. the other two issues are it may not stay may just fall out again…and because he won’t be opened up, the vet won’t be able to assess the herniated bowel so we might be shoving dead bowel back in him.

if that doesn’t work then they will have to open him up to try to get it back in and then when he wakes and stands up again, he has 800 pounds of bowels and intestines and whatever else is in there pressing down on a brand new fresh post op incision and the intestines still might not stay in.

the vet thinks it is worth the risk of surgery to at least try and save him and oh my fucking god i was so sure he was going to be ok this morning.

please keep the postive thoughts flying here for our percy.

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