Kudos to all of the AMAZING RAISERS!

Posted: March 26, 2012 at 7:39 pm

The great news is that we exceeded our goal and raised an amazing $13,939 in our Amazing Raise Pub Night.  The House may have raised the most amount of money to take the title, but the barn was certainly the crowd favorite at the pub night.

As winners, the House Team has decided that the losers, team Barn must give Carol at least two days off  by fully running SAINTS, sleeping with the bed buddies and providing dinner for Carol. That was a nice change for the pub night considering last year Carol had to adopt Phoebe the red whirling wonder.

Anyways things got prettty competitive among the teams but SAINTS and ultimately the animals are the real winners.

Here is the break down.

Tickets               1,100
Silent Auction     1,020
Amazing Raise  11,819 
Total                  13,939
Team Pledges
Barn          $2,116  – they had 56 people allocate their $10 ticket purchase to get a grand total of $2,676
MP Room  $2,994 –  they had   8 people allocate their  $10 ticket purchase to get a grand total of $3,074
House       $6,709    they had 29 people allocate  their  $10 ticket purchase to get a grand total of $6,999
The night was a great evening to celebrate and it was so much fun to see and chat with all of the volunteers with a bevy insetead of a mop or pitch fork in our hands. I also got to meet a few supporters and bonded with one in our love of brown/tan daxis.
Here are some photos of the event enjoy:
SAINTS’ volunteers Leila and Jenny (me)
SAINTS’ volunteers Brenda, Diana, Laura , Kathy +friends
SAINTS barn volunteers: Brent and Bunny
SAINTS Volunteers Erin +hubby, Kim +hubby, Lynne +daughter, Derek & Jennifer
SAINTS’ volunteer Meghann +hubby
SAINTS volunteers Erin, Lynne’s daughter, Lynne
SAINTS founder/director Carol and family
SAINTS’ volunteer Mo and family
SAINTS’ volunteer web editor Nicole and new sweater for Shrek
New SAINTS’ volunteer Barbra and friends
SAINTS’ volunteer Zoe and family
SAINTS supporters: Wendy, Diane and friend
SAINTS’ volunteer Caylee and friends
Thank you everyone for a great night and a special kudos to Sheila for doing a fantastic job managing and planning this event.
I also wanted to offer the opportunity to provide feedback on the event feel free to provide positive or contsructive feedback on all aspects of the event (pledges, venue, competition, food, communications of event etc.). You can leave a comment or email me at volunteer@saintsrescue.ca

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  • Janice says

    Woooooooohoooooooo good job!!!!!!!!!

  • lynne says

    great to see all had a good time and the amount of money raised was great. just wondering why the barn team was the favorite. cause the house team is too competative. cant fault us for that. that is where the money comes fron.

  • lynne says

    sorry do not mean to sound negative but there should be no favorites. we all do an amazing job at saints and we are all worthy of praise. it is a hard job doing the house the barn the mp building and we all do a great job. and we all do it because we love the animals. that is all. and every cent helps.

  • Sheila says

    Lynn I think jen night that the barn was the favorite and tha they had 56 of the 100 people at the fundraiser give them their 10 dollar vote.

    The saints supporters below Zoe and her group are Wendy Scott and Diane ( sorry I think her last name was Gagnon) They donated the wonderful nature photos in the silent auction. And the girl with the straight bangs in the last picture is volunteer Caylee who even though I have met and she reminded me that her name was Caylee I was so confused when she told me she had bought and paid for 6 tickets cuz I didn’t recognize her.

  • Sheila says

    I hate when my iPad corrects spelling without me noticing and changes the word meant into night. …uhhh.

  • Great night, and YAH to all the Teams and supporters of Saints.

  • Janet says

    Way to go, Team S.A.I.N.T.S. – you guys all deserve a huge round of applause for all the work you do and your dedication to the animals.

  • Doreen says

    First time at a Saints Fundraiser for me…I had a great time.You feel at home when you are with a crowd of animal lovers!! I never participated in a silent auction before. I went home with the raccoon and bear photos which are absolutely beautiful! I also met Jenn and Carol. It was a great evening. thanks!

  • carol says

    i had to go back and read that post 4 times to figure out what the heck you guys were talking about…

    big sigh lynn (i swear to god one day i am going to put you on raymond’s happy pills!)..people donated their ticket price to the barn saturday night because of PERCY and the dire straights he was in…not cuz of the people. that cow has a WAY bigger fan club than any of us and so he should too!!!!

  • Janice says

    I bet half of what you made will be spent on his worthy big self’s vet bills ..

  • Fiona says

    That’s fantastic, way to go!

  • laura says

    Carol is so correct Percy has a huge fan club! Yes, my thoughts that night were for Percy and that is why even though I was on team house I voted for Percy and team barn!!

  • Zoe says

    I think that the house and mp team owe Percy whatever the barn volunteers think up! I love any excuse to hang out with him

  • lynne says

    once again as many times before i was wrong. i admit it sorry barn team you are really one of my favorites yeah carol can i have some of those plls they sound really good and i will take my foot out of my mouth.

  • Carol says

    lol lynne..you can have all of the “happy pills’ that you want..just hike off to the cornerstore and buy a few boxes of smarties..they always put raymond in a pretty good and cheery mood!

  • lynne says

    but i have 6 kids to watch this week, can i wash the happy pills down with some baileys. seriously, i have 3 teenage grandkids down from fraser lake and 3 kids under 9 to watch while my daughter works. and man can those teenagers eat. it will be a fun but hectic and expensive week.

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