ok..i am just going to lay it out on the line…

Posted: March 30, 2012 at 6:27 pm

i want everyone to stay out of my bathroom…staff, volunteers, visitors..please use the bathroom over in the shop…..do not ever open the house bathroom door…not even just to empty and refill a water bowl.

i keep the bathroom door closed for a reason and i am REALLY careful about this….cuz i don’t want cats in there unless i put them in there specifically.
it is the one room in the house that i don’t need to worry about animal pee and it is very dangerous for sketchy cats in there because they can get in under the vanity.

so today when i came home for lunch i was overwhelmed at the urine ammonia smell in my bathroom… what the heck??? and freaking gross. when i got home tonight i pulled it apart and cleaned it all.

and what did i happen to find while i was doing this?…the inside of the bottom vanity drawer and cupboard are saturated in cat feces and pee???
holy fucking shit…one of the cats has gone down the hole from the drain pipe and is freaked out and hiding under the vanity.

so i go looking for who is missing and god damn it to hell it is chief…one of the two sketchy, freaky semi-ferals living with me. i don’t know how long he has been under there..how long he has gone without eating or drinking cuz i can’t honestly remember which day i saw him last..i just know that someone opened that god damn door long enough to let a sketchy cat get trapped.

now i have every freaking cat in the place wandering in and out of that room, climbing in and out under the cupboard cuz i have had to open everything up in the hopes that chief will sneak out all on his own when no one is looking.

if he doesn’t come out by tomorrow morning i will have to rip out the base of the vanity cuz he can die in there with no food and water and freaky cats who suddenly find themselves trapped won’t always come out on their own.

anyway…i want everyone to never ever open my bathroom door ever again so this never, ever happens again…a cat under there where i cannot reach him totally freaks me out.

and until he is out and safe i will continue to be a total unreasonable psycho freakout.

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