sorry, not much of a post….just got home from the retirement seminar.

Posted: April 17, 2012 at 8:36 pm

no real news except i am totally fed up and was close to tears of frustration today with Admiral and ADT and the phone calls i got today from both of them so i took everythng down to our lawyers. the stress is too much for me when i am working a full time job and trying to take care of the animals and everything else around here. i guess we will have to shell out more money and let our lawyers deal with this. i am done and will not speak to anyone from either company again.
getting a simple refund for cameras that never arrived and were never installed is an unbelievable and neverending nightmare.

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  • Tracey says

    ADT made a public statement on their Facebook page that SAINTS would be receiving a full refund. If they have recanted on that public statement, they ought to state that publicly also.

    Shame on them!

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