tick tock…i hate the clock.

Posted: May 4, 2012 at 7:07 am

my mind and body so wanted to fall asleep at 9 pm when i was driving home from work and i fought hard not to let them (i hate driving home on a rainy dark night while trying not to fall asleep.)
anyway i won the battle and made it home safely but they won the war when they got even and made me stay awake til after three.
i finally got up and took a gravol and hit the couch and was eventually able to sleep.

three more afternoon shifts and then a week of holidays…yay…i think.

today we absolutely have to throw out manny’s beds…despite wrapping them in multiple layers of plastic, they horribly stink. i will dig around in the shop and see what i can find to replace them.
esther is due for a bandage change this morning and i have that tour at 1015….oh…and i need to find an electrician asap cuz accurate needs us to do some electrical things before they come to install the cameras on wed. i think thats all that is critical on my list (besides poking the diabetics) before i leave for work today.

ok…better get at ‘er, the clock is relentlessly ticking.

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  • dawn says

    Just saw this while reading online:

    “Every Friday Lynda Steele dips into the CTV mailbag and answers a handful of questions. Watch tonight for an exciting update about the SAINTS animal charity.”

    Big thanks to Accurate Security!


  • Sherie says

    Hey Carol,
    Asked my husband (he’s in construction) to see if any electricians he knows will help you out. Sean from Pinnacle 604-832-3218 would like to help you out. Sounds like he wants to give you a good deal as soon as he heard it was for a rescue. Maybe a really good deal…. Give him a call 🙂

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