Posted: May 18, 2012 at 6:19 am

it was a yikes night last night…big bambi is back for the long weekend (bear and chance both come back tonight for the weekend too…) bambi is not a happy camper and screamed at me in protest til i stuck a peak freen cookie in her mouth, then she shut up….whew.

i sent ed into the vets for a shave down yesterday…they had to sedate him near the end. he was ok when i picked him up but then got all weirdo and weak about an hour after we got home. he finally laid down and slept so i am hopng this morning he is back to being ed. he might be too old and wrecked now to handle sedation or major upheavals anymore.

i cannot get that thing on esthers leg to heal…we just start making progress and she rips the shit out of the bandage again. i have been trying to avoid putting a cone on her because of her mobility issues… but it looks like i will have no option.

there is an old blind dog that i am waiting to get from surrey AC…i am working and their staff haven’t had time yet to grab him and deliver for me so i am wondering if anyone is free to go and get him for me. i feel bad that he is still waiting.

ok, thats it gotta get ready for work…hope everyone has a nice day today!

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