todays excitement

Posted: August 8, 2012 at 6:27 pm

the mini pig’ house and new pasture weather shelter are up..just the fencing left…it looks really good.

pete apparently helped himself to a tub full of nails and it looked like he might have swallowed one or two (damn goat!) so i called the vets and steve came out and xrayed him from stem to stern and thank god he was clear. i don’t think he would have survived the surgery to remove them. while he is getting better and eating pretty well since we started the injectible pain meds…he still has a lot of weight to gain back and he is pretty damn old.

i am really glad he is getting his busy body spunkiness and energy back, but honestly…who the hell tries to chow down on inch and a quarter nails?????

everyone else seems ok…hot bath and early to bed for me tonight.

thx to everyone who offerred to go thru the resumes..sheila got there first and she is already sorting thru them.

2 Comments on "todays excitement"

  • Cathy says

    My goat used to eat cigarette butts!

  • dawn says

    Hey Carol,

    Papa John had his dental today…its was a bit rough. He may forgive me at some point. At least he can’t bite me 😉

    They took out 10 in total.

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