ok..i lied

Posted: August 9, 2012 at 6:33 pm

it was unintentional but it was still untrue. i read the date on the last shavings bill wrong…it said 5/8/12..i thought that was july 5th 2012 but it as really may 8 2012 ( apparently i do day, month, year and everyone else does month, day, year.) so really the shavings lasted 3 months not one ..AND i did not discover this for myself…it was janice who kept cheerfully bugging me like a freaking pitbull with a rope toy, til in frustration, i went to get the bill to show her….ooops.

i did the first potential new staff meet/greet/tour on my lunch break today..i have three more over the weekend..the first one went really well.

looking forward to my upcoming 5 days off..one more work day to go and then i am going nutz getting some really bugging me stuff done around here.

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  • another Doreen says

    Um, July is actually the 7th month… I hate that date inconsistency thing too! Why does everything have to be numerical and confusing?

    Are you voting in the Shelter Challenge?

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