not much happening right now.

Posted: August 13, 2012 at 6:57 pm 4 or 5? i can’t remember but it seems like a long time! i made the trip into new westminster to get my paycheques. that took three hours out of my day AND i had to drive to the other side of the pitt river bridge…yuck…that bridge is as far away from home as i ever want to have to go. it is too busy on the other side..everyone is zipping and rushing along going where ever the heck they have to go. i hate it.

i think charm’s eye looks a bit better today, but i am still watching it least for the next couple of days.
i really like this little max…he is a real sweetie. he does give blind little pepper shit when pepper tries to climb in bed with him but i don’t think he knows yet that pepper is harmless.
i almost got caught up on the shop laundry today…will finish catching up on it tomorrow.

other than that everything seems to be ok. i missed an extra pick up shift in mission today cuz i had to go into new westminster, but honestly that is ok..i was really looking forward to these five days off so it was probably good that i had other plans..i just wish they were more fun type plans. well back to the couch..max and jazzy are keeping me company tonight while i try to get rid of this headache once and for all.

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  • Lynn says

    Carol — I know you are a nurse and all 😉 and I am not…but a head ache for this many days? Is that something that someone should maybe drag you to a check up for? Just wondering out loud…

  • Tension or migraine? If it’s more than three days and it’s a migraine you should see your doctor, Carol. Listen to your big sister for once. BTW, have you tried anything for migraine prophylaxis–you seem like a good candidate, imo.

  • Carol says

    not migraine this time..i think it is tension/sinus cuz when i go to bed i take tylenol muscle and benadryl and it stays away until noon the next day.

  • Lynn says

    Oh good! A nurse, not just a nosey reader is looking after you! 🙂 Can stop worrying now.

  • Barbara says

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but if you have photophobia, phonophobia, or osmophobia along with throbbing pain and/or nausea it is a a migraine despite whatever combination of drugs is making it go away. Could be just the drugs making you sleep and the sleep is actually making the headache better. Unfortunately, I am a walking encyclopedia of migraine factoids. 🙁
    I hope you feel better soon. Headaches suck.

  • ]Carol says

    i am lucky with migraines cuz before the knife ends up in my eye, i get silent and painless visual disturbances first so many times i can hold them off at the pass if i take something right away..we can thank mom for our familiarity with migraines..remember her killer headaches?

    i am pretty sure it is sinus and tension…my sinus’s have been bothering me and friday i pretty much had a close to a stroke meltdown between flat tires, no paycheques with the MOST UNHELPFUL payroll dept. in the world! and finding a few unnecessary gross surprizes around here that should never have been.

    either that or it is a tumor!..(just kidding)…my migraines are actually getting better since i finally got down to real menopause not the tricky fake in and out of the past 3 years.

    you should let me design a spur of the moment, grab what you can, homemade drug combo for headaches for you tho too!
    love ya!

    and thank you lynn for looking out for me too!

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