Happy Tail Update

Posted: August 15, 2012 at 10:25 am

Love hapy tail updates from our SAINTS alumni. Here is a recent one sent to me about Stan the gentleman

Hi Jenn

Sent a few photos of Stan the oh so gentleman. As you can see, he’s got a bowtie to finish off his tuxedo outfit these days. Stan likes to think he’s in charge of an unruly bunch of youngsters, but frankly he’s a big softie and they run rings round him a lot of the time. He can often be found washing one of the others or inspecting what they’re up to. He loves jumping in shopping bags and cardboard boxes. Occasionally you find him tasting from a cup or glass and sometimes catching a few zzzzzzs. He loves a game of football and will chase a laser pointer for hours. According to Dr. Nicky at the Vancouver Feline Hospital he’s a great climber and when he’s boarded there a couple of nights, he’s always to be found sitting on top of the cages!

He likes a can of tuna or a bit of chicken now and again. He HATES raccoons and has a small problem with redirected aggression when he sees one but we are managing it quite well. Stanley is very happy that SAINTS took him in until he found his furever home!



7 Comments on "Happy Tail Update"

  • Bunny Horne says

    What an awesome story and clearly his forever Mom let’s him do whatever he wants. He looks like a pretty happy boy. Congratulations to Deb and Stan.

  • Nicole says

    What a gorgeous boy!!!!

  • lynne says

    what a dapper looking gentleman.

  • Stanley's mum says

    Forgot to say you can see him here with Riley, the white Siamese mix (whose fur looks weird because it’s growing back after abdominal surgery) and with Jeffrey Jefferson the tabby.

  • Tammy says

    It’s great to see pictures of Stanley, he looks quite content.
    Alway happy to hear and see how the adopted ones are doing.
    His previous life is nothing but a distant memory.

  • Mo says

    Very cool dude that Stanley. Love the update !!

  • Helga says

    Love the paw in the mug thing. One of my guys would do that. He was hanging over me one day when I had a glass of milk. I left a bit in the bottom and showed it to him saying “You can’t reach it anyway”. He promptly stuck his paw in the glass and licked the milk off of it. Stanley is smart.

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