HELP…. with the Gala!!

Posted: August 20, 2012 at 2:57 pm

The other day I heard a story about a rescue (don’t worry it’s not SAINTS) that runs a shelter and it is … according to my friend… always got its hands’ out for donations. And when I heard that I cringed inside because I know how often I come on and ask for help with the pub night and the gala (and by help I mean my hand is out asking) So I am cringing even as I type this but right now … I am down by $7,000 on the silent auction items I have. It is gotten to the point where I am checking the mail box everyday and then crossing my fingers when I hit the received button on my email account. All of our out of town “get aways” didn’t come back and that accounts for $3,600 right there… So I am forced to come on the blog and plead with people to consider giving us a bottle of wine, booze, etc that is sitting in your kitchen cupboard that you know you aren’t going to use or perhaps a gift from Christmas or a birthday that you know you will never use. My email address is


W4W6 Gala

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  • Janice ter Borg says

    Hi Sheila,

    My sister (Debra) & I started supporting SAINTS a few years ago and now she volunteers on a regular basis. I live in Calgary & work as a PR/media relations, communications consultant & event manager. I’ve also worked with many charities over the years and organized the Calgary Humane Society’s Cocktails for Critters & Dog Jog. I will email you some suggestions. Please feel free to email me back if you have any questions. Best, Janice ter Borg

  • lynne says

    i will have some wine for you, would you like it done up in a basket. that is a bit more appealing.

  • lynne says

    justwondering how many tickets are left.

  • lynne says

    come on guys this is our saints we must have something for auction items. i know sheila was saying that cat baskets are in demand as well as gift certificates for restaurants and alcohol. maybe you know someone who knows someone .

  • Leila says

    My mom just gave me a whole bunch of booze so I will be making up 4 to 6 baskets themed booze baskets (with other stuff as fillers of course).


  • Sheila says

    Hi Lynne

    You can just drop the bottles off and Leila will put it into a basket arrangement. About 70 tickets are sold/ spoken for – which is where we were last year so not to worried about ticket sales. … That is until next week.

  • Annika says

    Maybe you could ask for people to donate air miles or aeroplan points. I’ve been to silent auctions where they auction off points. Might be a good substitute for your out of town getaways.

    Good luck!

  • Ashley says

    I’ll be doing up a basket for cats and one for dogs complete with a voucher for free exam, vaccines, nail trim and bath. I’ll also have a couple baskets of booze to contribute again!

  • Sheila says

    I can’t thank everyone who emailed me enough for donating to our silent auction. I am sure if the animals could talk human they would say “GOSH it is nice to know we are so loved.”

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