shitty nights sleep

Posted: August 22, 2012 at 6:22 am

i may just have to kill pepper once i get some energy.
geez that big baby can scream…”i am awake now…and i want someone to get up and do something for me!”
the little toad is happily sleeping again now that i am fully wake for the day.

new dog in…abbey is a senior lab mix with some arthritis who has recently started to siezure and become confused. her senior owner loved her but was finding it increasingly difficult to take care of her. i can’t say she is a happy camper yet…because of her seizures, she has to be in with the bed buddy’s so i can easily hear her during the night. and we all know those bed buddies are total chaos causing freakoids….abbey i am sure is overwhelmed by all of the little spastic, barking bodies periodically charging around.

anyway..once she settles and i am sure that jesse won’t bug her..i will re-open the door to the big dog room and she can hang out in there where it is more peaceful.

too many new animals in these past couple of weeks…nugget is doing fine but max, mya, babette and abbey still require alot of extra adjustment period thoughtful consideration from me….it is mentally and emotionally exhausting trying to help these guys feel comfortable and settled here.

i went on line to the other night and spent almost $400 of saints money to purchase supportive gear for some of our disabled guys. riley and manny each got a support sling to make their showering easier and less traumatic…max and chance, each got a couple of drag bags and belly bands to help keep their underside skin from breaking down.

now here is the thing…this shit is expensive and we cannot afford not to treat these incontinent and mobility aides as anything less precious than solid gold. people cannot simply toss them into the laundry, lose track of them and have them end up stuffed away on a shelf somewhere never to be seen again. might as well just take 400 bucks and shove it away forever forgotten in a junk drawer.
so when they get here i need every single person to really look at them, recognise them for what they are and know exactly where they immediately go..i would like them washed seperately by hand and hung to dry and put away never to be tossed into a dirty laundry basket to be lost track of. i am willing to do the hand washing and putting them away..but i can’t do this if i can’t find them after they have been used and disappear into a monsterous laundry pile somewhere.

pat the cat who has been in foster with one of our volunteers is quite seriously ill and at the vets. i will pop down there before work today once his bloodwork is back to see what is up wih him. this sudden crash is a total surprise, since his mouth issues were resolved several years ago by full dental extractions, he has been a healthy middle aged cat without any other health concerns…not sure what is happening now…i just hope we can sort it out and he will be ok.

i guess i better move my sorry and sleepy ass into this brand new rescue day.

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