it rains, it pours…..

Posted: August 30, 2012 at 6:22 am

yikes..those two sad cats are finally coming from the alberta rescue on monday and i have the temporary guests stuck in their spots….will have to do some quick thinking temp. set ups to accomondate them until pat and achilles go home. oh well…not a big deal..i will come up with something this weekend that is ok for a few days.

that vet who had wills and charlotte last year is re-homing her 600 pound female berkinshire pig..i don’t suppose anyone knows anyone who could give this girl a not for slaughter and not for breeding good and forever home?

someone remind me this weekend to shave the matts out from behind crashes ears. i keep forgetting until i am cuddling him in the evenings and run across them again when there is no one to help me.

gideon is sparking up quite an appetite again for some reason..he is even starting to eat his hay cubes..yay gideon, so glad you are eating well again!!!!

i guess i better get moving for work…so wish i was independently wealthy without much of anything to do.

5 Comments on "it rains, it pours….."

  • Dionne says

    good job Gideon!

  • janet nicholson says

    Way to go Gideon!

  • Bunny Horne says

    Carol, the water dude that did a delivery to the tanks near Brad was talking to me about the animals. He said his brother lives in Cobble Hill (I think) and is retired, has some acreage and some $$$ and has been taking in dogs no one wants any more. He just built a new barn and was thinking of some nice barnyard animals to occupy his days. The water guy wanted to know if Ziggy was available etc. Maybe his brother has space for a nice pig.

  • CC says

    Carol I’ll be there Sunday and can help you with Crash’s ears

  • Helga says

    What’s the story of the Alberta cats?

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