6th Annual Wishes 4 Whiskers $ Total

Posted: September 17, 2012 at 2:55 pm

First … I forgot to put four companies on the program… so I wanted to make sure they got an special thank you.

1. Pete’s Pizza on London Avenue in Mission. I think the animals and volunteers are going to benefit from this silent auction item. coupons for 6 large pizzas.

2. Magnolia’s on Main but are on 1st Avenue in Mission. They donated the beautiful purple orchid that went for the full dollar value.

3. Barking Babies in downtown Vancouver. They donated the popular doggie canuck’s jersey and the silver dog carrier.

4. Ritchie Bros – They donated that great gift basket with the Rodney Strong Wine, and chocolates and peanuts. I wanted to bid on it but I didn’t get a chance.

The grand total for the evening was $33,326 and costs were kept to a minimum to net SAINTS $29,286.

We sold a few ribbons before hand and at the end of the evening so our grand total for the ribbon sponsorship was $11,200

The grand total for the table sponsorships and animal card sponsorships was a total of $7145 and I thank
Laura Gervais and Karen Hamberg who couldn’t come to the event but gave me $200 each

56% of the money received came from straight donations and the other 45% came from the sale of the tickets and the auction items.

And Mo I am going to figure out how to upload my slide presentation so I can email to the volunteers…. because as everyone who would listen to me on the night of the gala heard me say… no one can see my slides I spent 5 hours sorting throug pictures (that was the hard part… who knew) and then placing them in the order I wanted and then finding the music. So I really, really want people to see it. I uploaded on You Tube and was told I violated copyright laws. Tried to upload on facebook… which took 3 hours and then where there was only 16 minutes left the whole just stopped and I had to delete it.

And last but certainly not least… We did amazingly on Bif Naked’s Piece “Love is Forever”…a surprise long distance bidder contacted me the day before the event.

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  • Kim says

    Carol — Brad has just offered to bring a pick-up load of gravel over for top-up of the walkways or whatever you would like. Do you have a specific preference of material? He has availability of clear crush or driveway mulch. If he is not working this Sat, he could bring it and place it. Will you be around this Sat?

  • Curt says

    Great haul, I assume Carol & the vets are going to be happy

  • lynne says

    sheesh i never saw half of the items the ones you just mentioned did not even see them. was wondering sheila if you know who the scott is that wanted the camera. i got it but it is too much like mine. would make him a deal.

  • Maggie says

    Helga was interested in the camera too

  • Penny says

    Hi Sheila – not sure if you got the e-mail sent by Marta earlier (it went to all volunteers, but I don’t believe your name is on the list?), about a framed drawing donated by her friend for the auction. She said it wasn’t included in the list of auction items, or on Facebook, and her friend is concerned about what happened to it. Sorry, don’t know anymore details but I can give you Marta’s e-mail address if you need to contact her.

  • Jenn says

    ok ooopsies I think I wrote 8 large pizzas on the bid sheet but i can’t be sure. I think Laura bid and won that item. Sorry Laura.

  • Helga says

    I was but Bunny and I are going try each others cameras out and maybe do a swap. She has a Fuji/

  • Leila says

    Was that a Pen and ink drawing of a hawk? We made up a bid sheet for it but had no idea who donated as there was no information provided with it. It came in with the stuff been kept at SAINTS. If Sheila didn’t receive an email about the print, unfortunately she wouldn’t have known who donated it. The item did go to a bidder though.

  • Penny says

    Hi Leila – I know Marta dropped off the item in the MP room office a few days before the gala, and we put in in the pile of stuff for Sheila. I’ll find out from Marta if this was the item, and the name of the person who donated it.

  • janice says

    WEE got the fridge ,the coolers, ice wine , the paint and the silver pet carrier WHOOHOOOOOO and neaner neaner LOL

    Just awesome work to your volunteers for pulling off such a class act. Everything looked awesome, the food was great and the chef even made us each a vegan psta dish after i heaped my plate with the roasted veggies. YUM!!

    Great time, great food and awesome company!! Good work everyone!!

  • dawn says


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can’t say it enough, I am forever gratefull for all you do every year for this event.

  • sheila says

    Thanks so much Dawn for those kind words

  • Sheila says


    Kathy bought the pizzas and I thought there were 8 too (or maybe I was the one who confused you) could only find 3 envelopes and Kathy was okay with it when I said there were 6 certificates

  • Great ,sounds like the Gala was a success. Good to hear.

  • lynne says

    yes ditto from me too sheila and leila.a lot of hard work was put into this event by yourselves and it really shows. it was a fantastic event. glad you got esthers pic leila.you deserve it. you can now rest for another year. lol

  • Jenn says

    There were only three envelopes. Good thing Kathy is so easy going. Thanks Kathy!

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