today the last of the americats passed away.

Posted: October 10, 2012 at 1:53 pm

the rock was euthanized this afternoon.

five years ago he came from Best Friends, saved from the horrors of 800 starving cats in an american desert rescue (FLOCK) gone bad. and here he became one of our most beloved cornerstones…The Rock…full of dignity, kindness and grace.

it has been an honor to care for him for these past five years. it has been a joy to be one of his friends.

you were a Very Great Cat, in peace knowing how much we all truly cared.


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  • michelle says

    so sorry Carol, he’s so lucky to have spent the last of his time surrounded by people who loved him. He was a very sweet cat.

  • Curt says

    Sorry to hear that but, he has moved on to a beter place at this point in his life. It’s a good thing he got to be a Saint for the past 5 years. He was a tough fellow & as you said loved by all

  • Helga says

    Big heart, big voice and a big hole left in the hearts of all who knew him. Rest in peace, Rocko.

  • ryan says

    R.I.P ROck you were truely a wondercat

  • Renee says

    Goodbye sweetie, you were always one of my most beloved animals <3

  • Penny says

    Saints won’t be the same without the Rock. He greeted everyone at the door with such joy, love and enthusiasm, and nothing made him happier than hugs and cuddles. You truly were (are) an angel, Rock – we will all miss you so much.

  • Mo says

    I wonder if the volunteers who went in and it saved all those cats somehow knew who this cat was when they named him The Rock i don’t get to know the cats very well ..but i did know Rock..he was such a charming gentleman and a wonderful ambassador for the Americats.

    Do your thing Rock..and keep on Rockin

  • Debra says

    So sad, I know it was coming, but still can’t believe it. The Rock was my favorite cat at Saints. So glad I got some cuddles and purrs from him on Monday. RIP my sweet Rock. I will miss you so much

  • Robin Jackson says

    Rest in Peace, Rock. I have 3 at home that came from that same rescue and continue to care for the ones still at Best Friends.
    You will see a lot of your old friends at the bridge and finally feel good again.

  • Marta says

    Rip Rock iam so glad i got to say my goodbye to you on Monday before i left.. As always you were so loving in return even when you werent well. I felt honored to have known you.

    Rock, you have made a real impact on my heart.

    Rest well our sweet boy.

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