ok ,,i am back on line with the lap top but….

Posted: October 21, 2012 at 5:07 pm

i hate this freaking thing! so do not expect very long or frequent posts, thx curt, i would appreciate it if you can come and look at the computer,,,i think the problem is with the moniter.

the only really important thing i wanted to share with you is wilma is not well.
when christine, michelle and i went in to put them to bed, wilma was having trouble getting up. when we looked closer, it looked like she had a puncture wound on her swollen back leg but i could not even fathom, one of the dogs in there biting her.

when we soaked it and looked closer, it is actually a growth, and it looks like it is growing from inside out…ie..i think she has a tumour on the bone of her leg that has grown outwards to the surface.

just in case it is a cellulitis unrelated to the growth i can see..i have started her on antibiotics, given her a large dose of tramadol for pain and will get her into the vet tomorrow for an xray and a real diagnosis,,not just my best guess.

anyway..fingers crossed that i am wrong and this is something easy to fix.

love you wilma.

i will check on her frequently tonight.

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  • Bunny Horne says

    If you can hook up a keyboard to your laptop – it might make it a little easier to work on. I am a total loser on those stupid laptop keyboards. I have to have a regular human person’s keyboard hooked up to my laptop.

  • Maggie says

    Carol, Kevin has a computer you can have if you wish.
    Let me know.

  • Curt says

    Carol, I actually have a used 20″ widescreen here. I can bring that with me tomorrow as well. What time? I was also thinking about the laptop too. I am sure you have my email as phone reception sucks where I am right now

  • Caylee says

    Fingers crossed for Wilma.

  • janice says

    Some towers have a little button on them that turns off the screen…

  • Marta says

    Oh no!!… Poor Wilma, she is such a sweetheart.

    I hope it is not a tumor and will keep her in my thoughts and prayers .

    The Animals at Saints are so lucky to have a nurse who lives with them full time . I am glad Wilma pain is being controlled..

    Lets hope after the vet exam it is positive news for Wilma.

    Please keep us posted ..

  • Maggie says

    Don’t forget the second round of voting for Turtle Gardens on the Aviva website starts today.

  • Janice ter Borg says

    Turtle Gardens is in the lead for the Animal Rescue Site Challenge with 14.34% of the votes! Second place is at 8.78%.

  • Penny says

    Yay, Turtle Gardens! We must keep voting for them though, to keep them in 1st place!

  • sharon says

    Thanks for the reminder about Turtle Gardens and Aviva. It’s so easy to lose track of voting every day so a reminder every so often is great.

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