the early bird catches the worm

Posted: October 23, 2012 at 6:08 am

wilma did ok last night…she was partially off her bed this am but since we had put foam beds next to the bed, it was fine. i gave her dry bedding and a drink and she is settled and back to sleep….i will feed her and do her meds before i leave for work.

and the newest discoverer of playpen bliss is…..


too funny, she is pretty damn big to be sleeping in a playpen!

last night the bed buddies went insane…i guess me finally getting home from work and climbing into bed needed a giant celebration.
hilda literally assaulted me..continuously. tina was so beside herself that she chewed the shit out of my hands. and joey, peluchi and daphne just could not stop licking me, and smokey and ewok could not take their eyes off of me. mystic however was choked, she has been totally ignoring me, she wouldn’t even sleep with me last night, she sulked outside in the rain, big spoiled baby….you’d think i had disappeared for weeks not just gotten tied up for an extra few hours.

one of seven shifts done…methinks this is going to be a really hard week to get thru.

5 Comments on "the early bird catches the worm"

  • Liana says

    off topic…….I just wanted to check that you got my message on your cell. The 2 bags of mini pig and the calf manna that you ordered are here.

  • Mo says

    How about those puzzel pieces that fit together as a matt on the floor.. I know probably a cleaning nightmare..but perhaps covered in pee pads…

    just thinkin…ouch that hurt..must stop now

  • Maggie says

    Just a heads up the donated washer and dryer will be delivered Wednesday between 9 and noon. Morgan will park behind the shop and look for a staff member to open the shop door and tell him where to drop them.

  • AnnC says

    Glad Wilma(Sugar) is ok. Carol sent you e-mails re money.

  • Carol says

    thx maggie…thx ann…lianna.sorry i have been working in maple ridge and nott making it home until late but am working mission tomorrow so i will be able to pick up…good thing too cuz we really need it thx!!!!!

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