injured dog…

Posted: October 28, 2012 at 2:14 pm

ko and one of our neighbors is going to try to catch him…if anyone is available to help, call me on my cell and i will tell you where.

update..the dog has been found and returned to his home…WAY TO GO TO OUR NEIGHBOR AND KO!!!!!!

4 Comments on "injured dog…"

  • Michelle says

    Hi carol, I forgot to mention that Wilma didn’t get her dinner when I fed the the rest, coz of her insulin….just making sure you know. Thanks!

  • Carol says

    thx michelle..that was perfect..i was able to feed her, do her meds and insulin without her already feeling full!

  • Helga says

    One thing with Wilma. I tried to make sure there was lots of good stuff for her to lay on(or pee on) before I left. When I came back a couple of hours later to return the laundry she was stretched out on the cement in the bunny room. Should we put down towels and stuff in there too?

  • Carol says

    lol..she is feeling better and getting up and about a bit more…but DAMN her for lying on the cold, hard cement!!!!

    anyway..not to worry helga..i am moving her back into the mp room tomorrow.

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