so rather than post another warning..i will let this email remind folks to PLEASE be careful, stop and think before ending up in a dangerous situation with ANY of our animals.

Posted: October 29, 2012 at 5:39 pm

Hi Carol – not sure if KO or Mo told you, but Brad Pitt bit me yesterday. I’m not blaming him at all, he’s a lovely pig and was doing what pigs do – got excited at the prospect of food. I had just dumped a bag of bedding in the barnyard container and was coming back down the ramp carrying the empty bag. I was running late yesterday so I guess the barnyard crew didn’t think anyone else would be coming out and had let Brad out of his pen. It was my fault, I wasn’t thinking and should have stayed inside the container bin gate and called for someone to move Brad. It took only a moment of stupidity on my part. Brad head-butted me and I lost balance and fell to the ground. He got on top of me and bit the inside of my thigh. KO heard me shouting and rounded Brad back into his pen. I don’t think there’s any real harm done, but I have several nasty bruises on my leg, including a huge, very sore black and purple bruise the exact size and shape of Brad’s snout (which would be funny if I hadn’t been so freaked out at the time). No skin wasn’t broken, thankfully – no blood.

I know you blogged a warning before about being very careful and respectful around the barnyard animals, so I knew better. But it truly only takes a second of not thinking, or inattention, for something like this to happen. There are several new volunteers around, and as this is the second time Brad has got excited and done this, maybe another warning from you would be a good idea. I’ve learnt my lesson now, for sure! and for the world I wouldn’t want to get Brad in any trouble.

Thanks, Carol.

so sorry you were frightened and injured.

and here is MY reminder for everyone..
please do not go into brads areas..pen or riding ring if he is out… unless you have one of the senior barn volunteers or one of the staff with you.

brad is an 700 pound oaf….700 pound oafs with razor sharp tusks are DANGEROUS even if they don’t mean to be.

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  • janice says

    If it smells like food , sounds like food then it must be food. Thats pigs for you and fine with the little guys but a cherry flavored chap stick in your pocket with a big pig close by is a whole other story.

    Here is my Rose

  • janice says

    An example of how strong they are

  • Curt says

    Was this at your farm in MR Janice? The clip you posted that is.

  • Maryk says

    I don’t know anything about pig behavior, but I thought Rose was sending a clear signal for him to back off (head tilts, ear flaps, walking away), but he wasn’t getting it. Think he got the message now? Nah, probably not.

  • Bunny Horne says

    I don’t know much about barnyard behavior – but “calm” helps as well, including calm in your voice. Sometimes I see folks that are all excited to see a certain SAINT and have high pitched excited tones which just gets them riled up. Good tip – I learned from personal experience – don’t bend over to pick up something in front of Chewy – it’s just inviting him to head butt you – he thinks you are playing.

  • Carol says

    thx for posting that janice…it is a perfect example of “the powerful pig!”

  • Mo says

    Just as a ” heads up ” we don’t wait for everyone to leave before bringing Brad out for his ” treasure hunt ” and walkabout time. We wait until the other animals have left the ring or we coax them out ourselves so Brad has a good strecth of time to mosey around the ring. It is up to each and every volunteer to check out the animals, what mood they are in, what is happenning in the other fields, across the street..even asking what mood am I in…all kinds of things can get the barn guys excited and/or upset and it is our job to ensure we don’t create it & make every attempt to avoid it. I too am sorry Brad frightened you Penny, he is a big oaf & like most pigs..he wants what he wants when he wants it.

    Unless you work with the barn guys on a regular basis, it is very hard for someone to ” read ” what they may be feeling or what mood they are in . So Carol & I were talking and decided that the rabbit shavings are to be dumped in the dumpster on the week-ends.

    Janice.. I love that video clip..and also thought I could see subtle signs of ” move away ” …. who is the young voice at the end ? she cracked me up

  • janice says

    Yes Curt but Wee are in Mission now as of Dec 2009. the clip was taken around back of the house.

    My Rose is a cheeky brat and I warned this photographer about her “playfulness” and told him it doesn’t take much for her to send you flying. Thankfully he was a good sport about it and there is a longer version with the same still shot on utube. Mo i have no idea but he used it on both clips.

    And yes Maryk ,he was warned by her …

  • janice says

    sorry Mo, should of included you and yes she did throw her head at him once asking him to move off of her. She has no hip on the one side so her leg is attached by muscle and tendons only.. he may of been putting weight on her without realizing it.

  • Curt says

    Janice, I know you are in Mission. My mom used to go over to your place in MR (Marion)

  • janice says

    Oh she used to tidy up after our 12!!! Tell her the piggy paddock at the new place is HUGE lol

  • Curt says

    She want’s to come out to your new place this winter with her usual supply donations

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