it is too freaking bad…

Posted: January 14, 2013 at 8:36 pm

you can’t boil freaking water by just being freaking pissed off.

no lie… in the last hour…i have boiled 7 kettles of water, 4 pots of water on the hot plate, and 6 individual liters of water in the microwave (it is a small microwave…) and i am still going to just end up with barely a lukewarm bath. the hot water tank is crapping out even more than it was yesterday. by the time the new water has boiled, the old water has cooled off!

i want a god damn life where i just turn on the freaking tap and have a hot bath in my own freaking house whenever i want just like everyone else!

deep breath, be patient carol..just one more freaking week and then my son in law will be free to look at our water problems and put in a new hot water tank.

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  • Cricket says

    It begs the question, why aren’t bathtubs insulated like those awesome thermoses? I hope your hot water tank is fixed soon! Sending heating thoughts your way!

  • Cathy Thomas says

    I had to do that once, it was no fun. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Penny says

    On a completely different topic, Jingles laid an egg last Sunday while Marta & I were there. Marta found the broken egg as we were getting ready to leave – I guess Jingles had stepped on it. At least we know she’s not going to surprise us like Nugget did, and turn out to be a cockerel!!

  • michelle says

    I’m probably the last to know, but I voted from home on my iphone for the Shelter Challenge, then got to work and voted again from my desktop!

  • michelle says

    and then from my ipad

  • Debra says

    Me too Michelle

  • Carol says

    one vote per person each day double dipping…we will be disqualified.

  • lynne says

    ann if you read the blog i am trying to get ahold of you cant get through on your email call me 8267287 or 2265032 thanks.

  • michelle says

    omg Im sorry I only did it today….no more! I didn’t know that.
    Also I have some news about your futon. Can you call me on my cell or can I come by and see you after work today?

  • julie says

    Ashley, would you email or phone please! Julie

  • Barbara says

    There won’t be any problems with voting from your home computer and then voting again from work (as long as you don’t work from home, haha.) Different IP addresses.

  • Carol says

    we might not get caught but it is against the rules so one person one vote per day. if we don’t win by doing it the way they have set the contest up…oh well, we’ll live.

    so sorry about max barb..he was such a sweet dog!

  • Barbara says

    Thanks, Carol. We both miss him terribly.

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