Posted: January 27, 2013 at 8:24 am

i just looked up into the cameras…hmm…huh?

why is ziggy in flicka’s stall??

i guess i better go and fix that! is fixed, everyone is where they are supposed to be but…

does anyone know where flicka’s door clip is cuz it is not in where it should be?

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  • Michelle says

    Omg Carol that would of been me! I swear I put that clip on there but being my age, who knows! I’m so sorry! I checked my pockets- no clip here!

  • Brent says

    So this morning I am picking up poop in the top pasture and the dogs are on their walk in the lower pasture, I can not see them but I know that Carol and Fletch have joined the gang. I know this cause this is all I hear. “Fletch No” ……. “Fletch” …… “No Fletch”……. “NOOOOOO”. (In Carol’s best authoritive voice)

  • Mo says

    I scoop pooped the clip while doing flickas stall…but i think i just left it on the rail..not clipped to her door…oops

  • KO says

    Just read the blog now. I seen the clip on the rail and clipped it to Gideons chain clip.

  • Brenda says

    Carol; I brought Max 2’s collar home with me (in my pocket), after bathing him today. Sorry. I’ll return it next week. He is such a doll!

  • Mo says

    Ha Ha …just reading this makes me think .. we are all getting up there in age & it appears we ( or perhaps just me ) need someone trailing behind to pick up clips we forget to put back, to turn off water taps we forgot we turned on, to shut feedroom doors when done so investigating pig ( Ellie) doesn’t end up half in & half out, to let dogs out of stalls that we forgot we put in there to keep them safe when turning out barn guys…Glad the great Clip Escape was solved.

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