the lonely road.

Posted: March 1, 2013 at 6:03 pm

i stand at a crossroads.
behind me are many homes,
many promises,

to my right
and to my left,
there lies two roads

before me
is darkness.
the end of it all.

is this my life?
is this where it led?
to loneliness?
to emptiness?

if i had the words
i would cry out,
i am more than this.
i am more than nothingness.

 photo crash-1.jpg

8 Comments on "the lonely road."

  • Carol says

    oops,shit…sorry…not me…the homeless and unwanted…the ones facing death cuz no one wants them.
    i am ok, lots of folks want me (i think?!)…. (i added a sad eyed photo of crash to clarify!)

  • Brenda Mc says

    Yeah, adding the picture of Crash does clarify it, and even makes the poem more poignant and very sad. You always give the animals a voice Carol – one that makes us all stop and listen.

  • Penny says

    Very poignant, Carol. So sad – and so true for many animals. There’s a beautiful tabby cat that’s hanging around our neighborhood now – someone has dumped him. He’s so sweet and affectionate, but just looking in his eyes you can tell he’s confused, scared and lonely. He just doesn’t understand what’s happened. We’re all feeding him, but I don’t know where he sleeps at night. He’s an uneutered male, so I can’t bring him into my home because my big male cat would probably beat him up. It breaks my heart.

  • naomi says


  • Bunny Horne says

    Carol are you the author? Please post this on your facebook with Crash’s photo so I can share it.

  • Carol Ann says

    Penny why can’t you catch him and take him in to be neutered?

  • lynne says

    hey carol ann you had the same thought as me. if money is the problem penny i would gladly donate some to help. i coul;d not stand to see an animal outside and not do something it sucks that people do this to their animals

  • Shelley says

    Thanks Carol. I’ll be over here with my head in the oven.

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