st. peter pan

Posted: March 5, 2013 at 7:37 am

no further bad dreams so that was good…

angel goes in to the vet today. yesterday she suddenly developed a large swelling on her face…abcessed tooth?

it was very quiet and peaceful here last night. fletch is out on a family meet/greet trial with one of our vets. he better be on his best behavior and not a maniacal mouthing, jumping, barking puppy dickhead.

mumford took over snoopy’s pillow by my head last night. still i noticed the loss. the pillows had mumford, mini and nicki but sadly no snoop dog.

you know…squirt came in here back in 2006..he was 4 and a half. so why is it that 7 years later i still see that sweet little dog as a young innocent boy? he is still so cheerfully childlike, not at all like a mature almost senior dog. methinks for some reason squirt is my K9 version of peter pan. i just can’t see him growing into a little old man.
he’s over 11 now? how did that happen? and how does he manage to stay forever young?????
i don’t get it.

laura called yesterday to tell me her foster cat bobby brown was reaching the end. he has been in kidney failure since last fall. she booked his euth. appointment for this afternoon. when bobby came in, he was an owner surrender in 2009. if i remember correctly, it was something stupid like the kids were grown and had moved away. they were winding down in preparation for retirement travel…they didn’t think he would live that long and his continued existence was screwing up their plans. i remember not wanting to take him in and his owner giving me a hard time of it. he was gone one way or another..surrender to rescue or really did not matter as long as he was gone. i think he was around 12 at the time. they told me he was a black and white cat, yet when he arrived he was a tabby and white. how ignorable does a cat have to be if not even his family knew what color his fur was? i felt truly sorry for him..a life without any value at all.

peaceful final journey bobby, and big hugs to laura too.i am glad he spent the last of his days in a home where he was well loved.

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  • Brenda Mc says

    Oh, sweet Squirt. I agree Carol – he does seem to look younger and younger – it must be all the loving care he receives at SAINTS. He’s a happy little boy. I love the K9 Peter Pan thought. I’ve been at SAINTS as long as Squirt,-how come I’m looking older and weaker these days?

  • Ali says

    thinking good puppy thoughts for Fletch. how cool would that be for him – and you
    Thinking of you today Laura – thanks for filling your home with SAINTS

  • erin says

    laura im sorry. bobby has value within YOUR family, some people dont even deserve to know what they are missing. hugs to you and yours.

  • Cathy says

    Sad story about Bobby Brown. Happy that I raised two girls who are animal lovers with one daughter having three cats while the other one has one but would have another if she had more room. I remember when they were both in high school and we had to euthanize our cat who was 21. They both stayed home. The school called to check on why they were both away. I told the teacher that there had been a death in the family. He probably felt pretty bad about that but I was telling the truth.

  • Carol Ann says

    sorry Laura. Bobby had tons of value at YOUR house. It is hard to understand some people. How can animals have no value, shame on them. Sending hugs to you

  • laura says

    Bobby passed very peacefully today around 3….Carol I’m so glad you changed your mind and said yes to him when he became a so called inconvenience…you were right he was in the wrong home his entire life…who the hell doesn’t now the color of their cat?? I knew his every marking, his spunky personality…the rest of my gang will miss you bossing them around….I loved you my special, very valued….Sir Bobby Brown.

  • lynne says

    big hugs to you laura, any animal who lands with you is one lucky animal. you cared and loved him when his one so called family could not remember his color. lucky him and you that he came to saints.

  • AnnC says

    So sorry Laura big hugs to you….sweet dreams Bobby.

  • Brenda Mc says

    Laura; so sorry to hear about Bobby. Carol added to the initial blog this am later on (about Bobby) and I didn’t know about his passing when I posted my 1st comment, so wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you

  • Dionne says

    Laura, so sorry for the loss of Bobby. He was a beautiful boy.

  • Carol says

    sorry about that brenda…i post as i write and it initially comes up not complete and uneditted.
    this is because too many times, i have lost a partial or complete post either right near the end or during the edit and it pisses me off..i either need to rewrite it or forget it altogether.

    the draft saver doesn’t always save me because it only saves every few minutes and i post pretty quickly so entire sections can disappear between the draft saver. it has something to do with when i backspace..that always seems to be the primary cause.

    the other thing is, sometimes i am interrupted by the dogs, so i finish off a section, publish before i am done so i don’t lose it,, get up and tell them to shut the hell up and go back to finish when they are quiet or locked down.

    hint..if it looks like i have just posted within a couple of minutes…the full post is probably not done yet…there may be more to come.

  • Brenda Mc says

    no worries Carol; I’m amazed that you find time to post at all, and so well. I look forward to reading the blog, and check a few times a day usually, and sometimes there are added bits to read later- that’s why I check a few times.

  • Mo says

    So Sorry for this loss laura.. I remember Bobby coming in and what a gift you gave him.

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