the trouble with daytime cold and flu meds is…

Posted: March 18, 2013 at 5:48 pm

they do not last thru an entire work day. whatever..i came home as soon as my work was done so i could down the heavier duty night time shit…as long as i can breathe, not too much is going to bug me tonight.

both dionne and i have been keeping an eye on crosby..apparently she was acting odd on the weekend. she seems to be doing ok now but keeping in mind she is a very old commercial turkey and gawd only knows what ancient time bombs are ticking inside.

tess was getting a bit sore with her betadine flushes so i talked to the vet and we have some new stuff to try..she should like it a whole lot more. ok…well..maybe like is the wrong word…correction..she will probably hate it a whole lot less.

i think everyone (except me…) is pretty much ok today so that is hopefully it for the news.

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