mostly nice day (except when odie is being a toad.)

Posted: March 29, 2013 at 4:46 pm

such a beautiful day…,my kind of favorite…warm, sunny…too early for flies or running out of water! the frogs have started singing again at night and i totally love the sound of that.

it was a nice barn bedtime…very relaxed. michelle came over to help so we had time to take june and mystic out for a last run. charlotte and wilbur had a good wander out and about. they are both such good and cooperative pigs…when i said it was time to go back in their pen they just calmly followed me back.

ellie spent the afternoon sunning down at the pond…she thinks i built that beach for her, not to keep safe old arthritic cows.

odie has settled. the bedroom/dogroom guys are all hanging around both inside and out.

the only bad thing at bedtime was cooper was a dick and clipped pepper in the ear which really pissed both me and pepper off.

i don’t know what nugget was doing but i think he was playing when i went out. he was wobbling around to and fro on the dustpan…it looked like he was amusing himself.

i think chloe is looking a bit better so if she keeps improving, hopefully she can be uncaged early next week. and finally i think we are making a minor bit of headway with river’s skin…he looks a tiny less icky to me.

brent fixed ziggy’s light switch, now he can’t shock himself. brent also put a note on the new wooden ziggy light switch protector that says…”ziggy’s IQ test”…too funny.

all is well at saints tonight…thank you god for the break!!!

4 Comments on "mostly nice day (except when odie is being a toad.)"

  • Carly says

    This evening I was out walking the dog. I saw one that looked just like the dog in the banner above.Cole I think is the dogs name?

  • lynne says

    yes it is carly. he was such a good dog.

  • Bunny Horne says

    If Ziggy is successful in turning on the lights now we should start a competition – “Are you smarter than a miniature donkey?”

  • Sarah says

    What about puting cooper in the big dog room…. He’s quite good with younger big dogs…. Just a thought….

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