it was a long day

Posted: May 1, 2013 at 6:00 am

but everything got done (except for switching the car insurence!) I squeezed in a couple of big things I had forgotten…like a barn feed run and getting nicki into the vets for a drop off and bloodwork in prep of her dental sx today.

leah went home to Maggie’s..not sure who was happier..leah, sam or Maggie but they all were over the top with all being together again!

the vet came out and rechecked gilbert and is really happy with how everything is healing. gilbert got another long acting pain injection and his sutures will come out sometime next week.

yoda and jedi (fosters with Jamie) were at the vets yesterday.

papa john (foster with dawn) finished his induction and was at the vets for his repeat stim test.

I will follow up with the vets on those guys sometime today.

I had way too much help with the gardening yesterday…the human help was really quite welcome but the K9 help just about put me over the edge. i have to say tho that the dogs really enjoyed the day, it was after 7pm by the time I called it quits. the dogs think I should hang out with them and dig in the dirt more often. their version of heaven on earth is a human who will dig in the dirt with them for hours on end…however, my version is slightly less painful.

I am so glad Crosby and the chickens got moved..i was afraid jingles’ short life would be over before she ever got a chance to know what being outside and scratching around in the dirt meant. hopefully she will be around for quite awhile longer to enjoy it!

I pretty much felt like I had been run over by several trucks by the time I fell into bed but the really hot bath, a couple of muscle relaxants, a super good sleep…and I feel not too badly today!

anyway…missions (mostly) accomplished yesterday!!!

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  • Bunny Horne says

    WOW – sounds like an incredibly productive and FUN (if you are a diggin’ dog) day. I’ll wager that Mystic was a huge help with the holes.
    Just an FYI – Miss Daphne supervised the crap out of Brent on Sunday when he was retrofitting the door to Crosby’s new home. She should get a wee construction supervisor’s hard hat.

  • Maggie says

    The Calloway Clan is beyond thrilled to have Leah back home. Sam has the love of his life back and can’t stop giving her sloppy kisses. Thank you all for looking after her so well as she recuperated and for all the good wishes.

  • Yvette says

    Happy Birthday Carol from Yvette and the Turtle Gardens Crew!

  • Kim says

    Happy Birthday Carol!!!!

    Congrats to Leah, Sam, & Maggie:):):)

    And the image of Daphne in a teeny tiny hard hat…. well that is just too cute!!

  • Ali says

    Happy birthday Carol!!!!!

  • Chris T says

    Happy birthday Carol!

  • Catherine Shapiro says

    Happy Birthday Carol. Mya is doing great. A very easy going dog, she is enjoying every day. All the best to you.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Happy Birthday, Carol – hope you are getting to some ice cream and cake tonight – that you don’t have to share 100% with the dogs.

  • Lory says

    Happy birthday, Carol. May a mouse never leave your pantry with a tear in his eye!

  • Maggie says

    A very happy birthday! I hope you have time to relax

  • michelle says

    Happy, Happy Birthday Carol!!!

  • lynne says

    happy birthday from me and buddy. hope you have some fun today. hope your arm is not too bad.

  • Brenda Mc says

    Yeah, happy birthday from me and Mac too – I forgot your birthday was on “May Day”. Hope you had some time to enjoy this gorgeous day – Lots of good wishes sent your way.

  • Sarah says

    Very happy birthday, Auntie! Hope I get to see you this year 🙂

  • Carol says

    thank you everyone!

    and sarah honey… I hope to see you soon too..maybe at jenn’s wedding???

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