My Outgoing Email doesn’t always reach everyone

Posted: July 31, 2014 at 10:02 am

About 50% of my outgoing emails are not going through to the recipients. I not sure which one’s are received or not because I am not getting a message back saying the email did not connect. I accidently find out when someone emails over again. I just want
Joan Mohr
and Kathie Koulouris

I did receive your emails either yesterday or today.


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  • Ali says

    I did not get a reply

  • dawn says

    All good Carol, I’ve got 2 doses of that cough suppressant into Mumphord so far but they said it would take 4 if I was going to notice a difference. Hana has come home to stay with him during the day while I’m at work.

  • Helga says

    Thanks, Sheila

  • Sheila,
    I would like to sponser the following:Chickens…Billie,Charlie,Jerome and Crosby… Plus Rabbits: Lincolin, Trick and Treat, Plus Tang (Cat)… I will send the entire amount by snail to the address from last year…
    N.B…. I did receive your last E-Mail…
    Thank You in advance…Cathie K

  • Sheila says

    Thanks so much Cathie. I appreciate you taking these sponsorships so much!

  • Joan Mohr says

    Hi Sheila,
    I did not get a reply from you. I just read your blog relating to that subject. Do I pay via Paypal for the two I want to sponsor?

  • Sheila says

    Hi Joan You can pay via paypal or you can mail in a check. I guess with stamps being a dollar now it is cheaper to use paypal.

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