i swear to god….

Posted: September 13, 2014 at 9:04 pm

someone should ban me from paint cans.

i am on a tight budget trying to pull it together to furnish my new little retirement cabin/house (i get possession in just one week!) so i picked up a couple of second hand wooden chairs and a beat to crap coffee table and wanted to paint them to look shabby/country.

lets just say 10 minutes into the painting process, i spilled 3/4 of the paint onto the coffee table top. i am also wearing a good chunk of that 3/4’s and lets not forget all the drips and splatters that now adorn our outside benches.

i am a painting slob moron.
oh well.

good day today…thx to everyone for a job well done.

i think murphy has injured his knee..he has been limping for a couple of days. i bumped up his pain meds and added NSAIDS.

oscar the grouch has done something to his lower back that periodically is causing him pain. i am hoping another day of pain meds and NSAIDS will settle his back down.

i don’t know how dixon is doing because i guess my note was missed and his food from this morning was taken away. i know he was just starting to lap into it when i left him so i hope he ate enough because i did not force feed him today. i will try to get out to him first thing in the morning to check his over night food and if he hasn’t eaten any of that then i will know i have to syringe in some food.

hollywood and shadeau seem to be recovering well. they are both eating now. yay!

barn bedtime went really smoothly. so quiet and peaceful that i did not even notice carl slipping out of the riding ring behind me and snacking away on bushes up in the upper pasture tonight. when kevin got home, he came over to ask if something was wrong that i had carl alone in the upper field….no nothing was wrong, just carl is tricky and i am stupid… for both of us that is almost normal.

well…i guess i better go wash the paint off of me or folks will give me a hard time about my new spots and stripes in the morning.

5 Comments on "i swear to god…."

  • shawn says

    I gave the 4 cats the meds, as per Erin’s email. Let me know if you want help painting the furniture next week. I think I am free

  • c l smith says

    re teachers strike for classroom size.

    1. the liberal government lost the court case twice and still appealing useing our tax money

    2.why are the goverment still being paid and getting housing allowance while very rarely sitting. Sat for 23 days one year lowest rate in Canada
    and yet they expected teachers to be docked 10% for not working lunch hours or after school. (at least teachers are marking work and preparing ciriculum on their own home time.)

    3. 20 years ago(before the latest cuts) my friend taught elementary school
    All the aids for special needs classes were cut.
    B had the max allowed grade 2s plus one child that was on a stretcher.
    The child had cebral palsey plus numberous epileptic fits per hour.
    B could not properly teach the other children but it fit the class size peramiters.
    There is a very valid reason the teachers had class size in the contract the government will not homour inspite of losing 2 court cases and are in the process of another apeal that we are paying for

    and yes I too was taught in a larger class BUT SPECAIL NEEDS students had their own classes with teachers trained to handle their problems and did not distract the class or teacher

    also civil servants including teachers pay taxes so the same portion of their pay goes right back to the province as your or my paycheck.

  • Oh Carl – such a crafty boy! Thank you, Carol, for starting my day off with a laugh.

  • Cathi says

    To c l smith:

    You need to check on the following:

    1. Spelling
    2. Sentence structure
    3. Use of capitals
    4. Punctuation

  • Carol says

    ok..enough please..i am fine with differing opinions but ..i will not allow disrespectful behavior to anyone on here.

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