owen passed away today

Posted: September 19, 2014 at 7:30 pm

he had a massive stroke sometime during the night. i took him into the vets this morning for euthanization. i think all of us are glad that owen is finally free but losing him is still heartbreaking. owen you were the kindest most patient and most stoic dog i have ever met…rest in peace sweetie and extra hugs to shawn who loved you so very well.


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  • Brenda says

    Omg… I saw Shawn’s post on Facebook…Owen was such a doll, and I will miss him for sure, but I picture him now running free with bright eyes and open ears with that beautiful cocker face.

  • shawn says

    I loved him so much….he would know when I came into the kitchen, his little nose pressed against the gate, looking for chicken or hugs. My blind and deaf Sir Owen. He was the one I wish I could have taken home. I loved him with my whole heart, and I am so glad I was part of his life #chickenandbuns

  • i am so sorry carol and shawn. he loved his chicken and buns that u brought him shawn, but i think most of all he loved your hands holding him, loving him and cuddling him. rip owen the laundry room is not the same without you and angel.

  • Lenore Henry says

    Every so often a photo comes along that needs no words – so touching Shawn. Rest peacefully Owen.

  • AnnC says

    Big hugs to you Shawn………sweet dreams Owen you were such a gentle boy. The laundry room looks way too big now!

  • Mo says

    Awww….too many in too short a time. ((cyberhug)) to Shawn , house volunteers & saints staff who loved & cared for sweet Owen . I didn’t get to know Owen and I sense I missed out on knowing a brave & wonderful little dog. Like Brenda, I picture him free of ailments & running with his cocker ears flapping in the wind.

    RIP Owen.. you were a great dog that many loved.

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