one liners

Posted: November 10, 2014 at 6:12 pm

long day, i’m tired.

it’s cold in here.

robbie’s head is poking out from under the blanket.

phoebe’s butt is poking out from under a blanket.

agnes does not like sweaters and jackets so she has a red fleece tied around her neck… like superman.

moose is humping tia’s head and this makes tia and moose happy.

neither mika nor i approve of happiness obtained by dogs humping heads.

mika is much louder in voicing her disapproval of k9 head humping than i am.

big buddy and benny like vegetable giyoza’s.

the other dogs are slightly pissed because they did not get any giyozas.

did i say i was tired?

oh yeah…can’t wait til i can shut ‘er down and head to bed.

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