Santa’s Visit to SAINTS

Posted: November 25, 2014 at 9:03 am



Everyone knows that the SAINTS residents are good little boys and girls so Santa decided to make SAINTS his first stop of the season.  Thank you Jennifer McNIchol and Robert McNIchol for volunteering your time.

If you think the backgrounds of some of the shots are super cool go to Triple Tree Nursery on Lougheed Highway November 29th.  Jena Photography and Big Air Photography will be there taking pictures with Santa.



11 Comments on "Santa’s Visit to SAINTS"

  • Penny says

    SO ADORABLE!! Love that the bunnies got in on the act as well! Great photos.

  • nicolemc says

    i love these photos so much, especially the one with Moose lying with his head down with santa! they are so great!

  • Lenore Henry says

    Great photos – Moose truly looks like royalty snuggled up to Santa!!

  • Sherie says

    Cute photos!
    Hijacking this post. If Penny sees this I won’t have baking at EastRidge for her until Thursday!! Or I believe Carol is picking up a coworker’s baking Thurs as well!

  • Penny says

    O.K. Sherie – I can pick up Thursday, if Carol hasn’t already!

  • Sherie says

    Excellent. Thanks again!

  • Brenda says

    So great to see Santa with the Saints crew – wonderful pics. I too love the one with Moose!

  • shelagh says

    I don’t know about others, but I need to get this baking out
    of here. I keep thinking, so just one more cookie. good grief,
    I have had too many cookies today.

  • Emma says

    I really miss Nudge and taking her to get her photo taken with Santa. She was such a good sport about it and she felt special because she got to go out somewhere when the other cats didn’t! She would strut around here showing off that she got to sit on Santas knee.

  • Linda says

    nice pics!

  • Sheryl says

    Kudos to Santa. He is the happiest, friendliest looking Santa I’ve ever seen.

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