buster was euthanized

Posted: May 4, 2015 at 7:34 pm

we knew his time with us would be short due to his bowel cancer but I can say that buster truly enjoyed the love and care that was so freely given to him by all of us. he was a very good dog and now he is free.

rest in peace sweet boy.



8 Comments on "buster was euthanized"

  • Penny says

    That’s SO sad – he was such a beautiful soul. Thank you Carol for giving him those few short weeks to be loved and happy.

  • Mo says

    That is too sad..he was such a great dog..I am very sorry he didnt have more time to relish in the freedom and love SAINTS had for him. RIP good dog..I will always remember you.

  • shawn says

    Such a good, kind dog who loved nothing more than company while laying on a soft bed in the sun. I will miss this big lovebug, so glad I could spend time with you and show you the love you deserved , RIP Buster

  • Ali says

    RIP buster. I’m so glad you were able to spend your last month surrounded by pain free love.

  • laura b says

    buster such an amazing dog….wish your time with us could have been longer….so glad to have met you……RIP

  • Lenore Henry says

    That is very sad news – so sorry to you Carol and everyone at SAINTS – at least Buster was shown kindness and love for his short time there – he was so deserving of it…..

  • aww i am so sorry have been busy just read the post he was a dear sweet boy for sure at least he is not in pain anymore and passed away in loving arms. wish he could have been here longer rip buster you were lovely.

  • Brenda says

    RIP Sweet Buster – what a lovely boy

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