Posted: May 8, 2015 at 8:38 am

Harley had her vet check..up 3 more pounds, insulin increased to 14 units.

tina’s mouth tumor is getting really big..not much longer for our ancient girl altho she still thinks she is doing ok.

new dog in..he’s actually been here for a few days, I just forgot to post he is here. pete is a little black terrier. he is only 2 years old but has congenital spinal deformities which cause him a great deal of intermittent pain if he moves the wrong way. he is on a full med regime with metacam, tramadol, cartrophen and gabapentin and so far so good. he is super cute and sweet.

and that’s most of the news.


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  • Mo says

    Lookung forward to meeting the new guy…and will spend some time with Tina tomorrow..she is simply amazing and just keeps enjoying all that SAINTS has to offer.

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