this is lily

Posted: May 29, 2015 at 9:51 pm

this is lily’s glaucoma eye before it was removed today.


people get glaucoma too…but they NEVER let it get this bad before they see their doctor.

I don’t know ANY people who would be able to stand the agonizing pain of untreated glaucoma until finally the eye ruptures in the socket.

lily’s previous family should have taken her to the vet. eye drops for glaucoma could have prevented this.

animals have a right to medical treatment!!

4 Comments on "this is lily"

  • Brenda says

    Oh, poor Lily. One of my previous cockers developed glaucoma, and even after a regime of drops daily, the pressure built up suddenly overnight and she needed immediate surgery on one eye; and then 3 months later the other eye needed to be taken too. The vet told us then that she either had to have the surgery, or put her down – because of the intense pain associated with glaucoma. Bailey lived another 7 yrs. and was an amazing dog. I’m so glad Lily has come to Saints and will be pain free.

  • shelagh f says

    now maybe she can show her true personality, she must
    have been in so much pain for a long time

  • Wendy Scott says

    Oh my god , poor girl . Glad she is getting her eye fixed to stop the pain.

  • Cam says


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