ok…WEIRD dog and other updates

Posted: August 15, 2015 at 6:35 pm

so I am sharing my left over spaghetti dinner with daisy…I gave her some, but not all of it and then the bowl was done. suddenly I feel someone nibbling on my pants pocket…then pulling and chewing on a tiny corner of my shirt.

really? you are trying to eat me??…you think you might get the spaghetti inside me that I didn’t share???

she said…”maybe…I know its in there somewhere!”

mars has gone out on an adoption trial…and they are coming back next week to introduce groot to their existing K9 clan. great home, fingers crossed that two saints find the same home of their dreams.

phina also went out on an adoption trial today…someone is going to get all of the cuddling her little broken heart desires!

fairlane is sliding, not into eating much the past couple of days. the vet said I will have to boost him with some sub cue fluids to see if we can kick start his kidneys again. fairlane is not a fan of needles, don’t suppose this will go well.

3 Comments on "ok…WEIRD dog and other updates"

  • Sheila says

    Who is Phina?

  • Tammy says

    Great news about Mars. He is such a cool cat, I know the family will love him.

  • Carol A. says

    Daisy sounds like a real charmer!

    sorry to hear about little Farlain. giving sub-cu fluids can be really interesting….. lol. over the years and different cats the only suggestion I have is don’t be in a hurry. hope he feels better soon and it works for him.

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