this is an email i received today

Posted: October 18, 2015 at 1:55 pm

and i wanted to share it with the staff and volunteers….your efforts to provide dignity, respect, love and care to unwanted animals near the end of their lives is appreciated on the outside as much as it is here.

A short while ago, a cat at the Nelson SPCA , where I clean, was euthanized.    She was so special, in the way Sasha was:  gentle, patient with every procedure, loving.    I checked in on her soon as I arrived one day- but she was not there.   I was devasted, debilitated, only able to do my work in a marginal way.   A wreck.   After reading your post about Sasha, it really hit me that you will be watching the decline of every animal you so openly embrace at SAINTS.   Quite a burden, that of course can only be accepted because of unquestionable devotion to that segment of animals that has no home elsewhere.   Very moving, to those of us who are watching.
Very best to you and your group.   Thanks, so much, for undertaking a most emotionally exhausting cause.

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  • Brenda says

    Thanks for sharing that email. – nice. Also, I hope you saw the email I sent you today – and I hope you approve of the sweater I put on Teak……thought she needed a change.

  • erin says

    That actually means a lot. I think people sometimes dont realize what we are committing to when we take someone in. Kinda like awhile back when it really hit Brent. Anyways, it’s nice to hear.

  • Carol says

    yes to all brenda and thx for the dinner!

  • Fiona says

    Very nice email and yes, it is very hard to see the animals at the end, heartbreaking.

  • Janet says

    Wow, that message moves me. The pain is so enormous. Most of us do everything we can to avoid it and protect ourselves. Your willingness to endure such heartache for them inspires me to try to be braver.

  • Mo says

    I think the role of a shelter worker takes an incredibly strong brave person. I thank them for their efforts to help those that others have failed.

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