oh my god! here we go again…

Posted: March 15, 2016 at 9:48 pm

i am cursed.

my new dog pepper, who i adore to the moon and back has eaten my channel changer..shades of mystic past…ratz! (mystic’s final count was 17 remote controls… please don’t let pepper be as successful at it as her new older sister!!)

on a good note…
thanks to everyone for all of the great help today,,day one complete, day two tomorrow and then the final stretch on day three.

2 Comments on "oh my god! here we go again…"

  • Carol A. says

    mmmmmm, maybe get a coffee/end table with a draw they cantt open to tuck all those remotes in. It will work until they figure it out?. ☺️

  • Bob P says

    Our dogs hate the smell of teatree oil….put a frew drops on things you want left alone and hopefully it will go uneatten.

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