charley 2 is spending the night over in emerg.

Posted: April 4, 2016 at 10:05 pm

he continued to seizure tonight so i took him over for some really good heavy duty iv drugs, xrays/blood work/and tomorrow a consultation with the neurologist.

i talked to miley’s surgeon while i was there, she got bumped because of several emergencies. they will most likely get her into the OR tomorrow.

thank you lynne for checking on the dogs, thank you michelle for feeding the lambs their bottles, and thank you shelagh for popping by emerg and checking on charley and me!

and now i am going to bed.

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  • Brenda says

    Oh Charley, praying they get a handle on managing his seizures…and give his body a break. Also, here’s hoping Miley does not have to wait any longer for her next surgery …she’s been so good.

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