Why we love SAINTS….

Posted: April 12, 2016 at 10:14 am

  1. imageOn most Sundays, Owen and I enjoy taking some of the “house” doggies out for a walk after they have had their morning meal. When we walk into the computer room we are usually swarmed, firstly by Miss Kassa Blanka demanding that she be walked first by Owen – who would argue with this sweet girl!! When we are finished we love to sit with all the dogs as it is always so peaceful after they have been out. Kassa Blanka always comes to sit ON ME and Owen captured this picture a few weekends ago of her on my lap. She is one in a million and always a favourite on the tours.

We are only a small part of Saints but consider ourselves so very lucky to be able to interact with these beautiful animals – they give so much back to us.

Lenore and Owen 💕💕

4 Comments on "Why we love SAINTS…."

  • Penny says

    That’s a great photo, Lenore. Kassa Blanka is trying SO hard to fit on your lap, it’s hilarious!

  • Anne Seward says

    Small part of SAINTS? – perhaps. Important – very much so! Thank you for what you do Lenore and Owen for walking the doggies and much more, and thank you for your constant supply of Timbits.

  • Brenda says

    It’s always a pleasure to see you and Owen arrive on Sunday’s…for the doggies and volunteers alike!

  • Barbara says

    Thank you Lenore and Owen for sharing your story.
    You two are Saints favorites, but obviously Kass Blanka’s very most favorite!
    Thanks for sharing your time and your love with the these beautiful animals.

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