it is a nice van and…

Posted: April 25, 2016 at 11:00 pm

it was a cute video, it made me all warm and fuzzy earlier in the day..almost makes me forget how much i hate rescue on the bad days.


i have been spending hours and hours trying to figure out staffing..sometimes people are sick, sometimes they have family needs, sometimes they just need a vacation and sometimes they can only work certain days because of choice or other commitments..whatever..i can figure it out.
sometimes it takes a while as it boggles my already over boggled brain but i had confidence i could make it.

and tonight i finally got it..a decent, relatively fair and workable staffing schedule meeting both saints and human needs..i finished it at 10 pm and since i couldn’t get the sucker to print, i headed straight off to bed.

except my bed was once again in tiny pieces…

ungrateful bastards. i have spent hours and hours and hours trying to make sure you were cared for!

honestly..excuse my language but fuck…sleeping in a gawd damn coffin with a freaking lid that i can close and lock when i leave, seems like the only solution.

forget the more reasonable try a bunk bed alternative..i am afraid of heights and am not sleeping up near the roof.

45 minutes to clean it up, strip off the torn linens and blankets, turn the mattress so the worst torn up corner is on the far side where i do not sleep.

maybe a king sized deep diver shark cage would fit my bed and fit in my room???

or maybe i could just stop doing rescue!

7 Comments on "it is a nice van and…"

  • Ali says

    Seriously ?????
    Ok where can we find a king size shark tank? I will gladly chip in. What little jerks. Sorry, Carol 🙁

  • shelagh f says

    pee on the bed or an eaten bed, tough choice. Bad dogs!

    need to come up with a collapsible divider like in those meeting
    rooms, close it up when they are alone, and open it for night time
    so they can join you

  • erin says

    murphy bed that folds up into a free standing wall unit.

  • erin says


  • erin says

    open. from costco. 2k

  • Carol A. says

    A murphy bed would be the perfect solution to the magic shredded bed issue…. easy to set up, easy to hide away… And gives you useful daytime square footage too!

    I hope Miley recovers quickly from her surgery, then she can really get into the wrestling/play biting game! That will make you happy.

    Good job on the schedule creation. That can boggle the best of minds.

  • Ali says

    They won’t eat the bedding but sure as shit they’ll eat the wood. I asked pepper about 10 times to stop chewing on wodden things at the barn on Sunday. Murphy beds are great though, We have one at home.

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